We provide to the owners of houses a unique approach to manage the HANDLING OF a wide variety of electronic equipment in the entire house, in addition, to be an open and modular system is compatible with virtually all the systems with WHICH WE LIVE ENNUESTRA HOUSE (temperature, lighting, security, FUN)

Energy Management:

With a simple touch panel interface, you can  monitor the consumption and the management of energy use , providing both cost savings AND REDUCE ITS environmental impact. Energy Management considers the common usage, calculates the actual use and estimated monthly costs of the services. The historical data allow users to assess the use and identify the patterns of consumption to help prevent and reduce costs.

Distributed Video and Audio:

Touch panels can be used to control multiple zones of distributed video and audio, providing custom environments for different areas of the house, as the main room, the home theater and pool and spa area.

 Access, automated doors and gates:

A control system can automatically open and close windows, doors and gates to ensure that the home is safe.

With Surveillance security cameras:

The touch panels provide total control of security systems against intruders. The closed circuit television cameras strategically placed outside the home can transmit images of visitors at fixed points of access control.

Remote access to all systems in the home:

The owner of the house you can access your(s) residence(s) remotely via the internet to do a follow-up of the entire home as if you were there. This is especially beneficial when the residences are located on the other side of the country or to the other side of the world.

Multiple scenes and lighting scenes:

It is possible to create scenes and custom lighting environments (for example, fiesta, romantic, evening) to offer a special atmosphere for every occasion.

Environmental Controls:

Homeowners can create a comfortable atmosphere and help reduce energy costs using a system of control for managing your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. Pre-programd settings can also be used to ensure that the proper temperature is maintained according to the time of the day or the use of the room.

Intercom / Intercom:
We provide sophisticated intercom functions that are fully integrated with the components of the audio system.
Customized sequences of events:

A control system can automatically activate events pre-programd to occur according to the schedule of the owner. For example, in accordance with the owner about to the main door, the control system can automatically turn on the lights on the outside and inside, turn on the tv in the favorite channel and adjust the heating or air conditioning to the preferred level.