ControlArt can provide solutions for automation and control to their real estate developments in communities, country club properties, urban development or condominium buildings.

Appointments and automated planning services both within and outside of the property.

Automated to create appointments and to plan a variety of services with suppliers located both inside and outside of the development, and the solution of Services Amenities uses touch panels to allow residents to select, order and plan a wide range of services. Residents can use touch panels to select or book services such as:

  • Concierge
  • Sports activities and spa
  • Services of valet parking and limousine service.
  • Pet Care
  • Laundry Services
  • Wake up call
  • Other personal services

The result is an automated environment,that finally offers each resident the time and freedom to enjoy the finer things in life.

Techceirge™ of Simplikate

By adding the service management system techceirge of Simplikate, the staff of the building may have access to the property services, security features and operations through an interface, enabling them to respond quickly to the needs of residents.

Electronic reserves and menus in the restaurants

The restaurant menus of the building can be displayed as electronic menus in the screens of the Touch Panel to allow the residents:

  • View and select the menu, read the descriptions in multiple languages, choose your side dishes and refreshing drinks.
  • Indicate how they want their food to be prepared.
  • Check the nutritional information of foods and drinks.
  • Specify the time of delivery of the food.
  • Make a reservation at the restaurants of the resort.
  • Order food at home for local restaurants.
Intercom with visits and with the maintenance area

The Touch Panels can be used for advanced intercom to assist residents to receive its visitors safely, call other rooms within your residence or apartment, as well as to call the maintenance or cleaning services.

Monitoring of computers in real time and update of services by the owner of the building.

Systems can allow the equipment of the building and other products and services receive maintenance and faults can be corrected by property managers without the participation of the resident. Also, property managers can quickly update menus of services and information that they offer to residents.

Automated security gates, fences and surveillance cameras

The Drivers and touch panels provide a sense of security to residents of a complex, allowing them to open, close, placing or removing the insurance on the doors and gates to allow entry to visitors or external suppliers to the building. Also, the owners of the properties can monitor closed-circuit television cameras seeing different areas of the property.

Environmental Controls for default lighting, air-conditioning system, heating and blinds

A resident may customize the temperature in your property with the Drivers and Touch Panels. Environmental controls such as lighting, air conditioning and heating and blinds can be controlled directly or by default for each area of the building. These areas can be custom tailored to several times throughout the day or night.

Information in the PALM OF YOUR HAND

Reports on the weather and traffic in real time, events in the community, news headlines, synopses of movies, information of the building, emergency services, centers for contact information and messages are services that can be offered through the touch panels.