Synchronizes all subsystems to operate from a control panel, tablet OR SMARTPHONE, with a friendly programming and designed according to your needs.

  • Simplify the management of its professional performance using a control panel.
  • Set up and synchronize multiple computers with QUICK ACCESS KEYS, DESIGNED TO YOUR NEED


  • Keep the atmosphere to the ideal temperature, optimizing the use of resources without diminishing or dispense with the comfort that you deserve.
  • Programming for control of on, off, and/or temperature levels.
  • Activation by schedules and/or presence.
  • Optimization of electric energy consumption.
  • Synchronization with different scenes from other systems, such as Audio, Video, and lighting.
  • Ease for remote monitoring, through the use of thermostats of last generation, that including are interconnected to THE WEATHER CHANNEL , for a satellite verification of external values of temperature and relative humidity, taking into account the geographical coordinates of the thermostat.


We make the impossible possible, adjusted to the standards and maintaining or creating harmony in the spaces.

Based on this premise, we always focus toward the configuration required by the customer. We offer an unlimited number of configurations for any type of scenario, with the certainty of that before and during the installations we forecasts to conserve or improve the decoration and comfort of the established, so that various educationalsavings of automation is achieved with physical changes imperceptible.

To achieve the appropriate scene, according to your taste (with just a touch), example: average light, warm air, appropriate volume and preferred video.

  • The space is always ready for any eventuality, only you have to do is choose the scene that you want . Example: family dinner, business meeting, film, a romantic atmosphere, etc.
  • You can make changes easily and flexibly, just that you want.
  • Can be accessed remotely and securely to the system.


Stay connected with the world is indispensable.

To that end, we offer:

  • Structured Cabling for networks and Internet connections.
  • Implementation of video conferencing.
  • Implementation of audio conferences.
  • Solutions of voice over IP.
  • Deploying data-conferences.

Audio and Video:

Today, communications, and entertainment are vital. That is why we adapt the facilities in accordance with the characteristics of the space, activities and the applications used.

  • Sound and video for conferences, meeting room, classrooms, theaters, auditoriums, movie theaters, multipurpose rooms, situational rooms, rooms for monitoring and control, home theaters, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • Displays and video screens for all formats.
  • Distribution of audio and video from various sources to different locations.
  • Interactive Whiteboards.
  • Integrated Automation system audio and video.
  • Simple or surround audio.
  • Built-in sound with the video.
  • Acoustical.


Appropriate to specific requirements, with the possibility to change the environment with a single touch or automatically.

  • Control on, off and dim the lights.
  • Setting up scenes to your liking (cinema, meeting, videoconferencing, dinner, feast, romantic, etc. ).
  • Activation by timetables, motion detection, intensity of natural light and/or closure – opening the doors.
  • Optimization of electric energy consumption.
  • Optimization of the useful life of the luminaires.
  • Remote monitoring capability.
  • Integration with other automated systems.
  • Automation and integration with other subsists Among many other things more.