We can automate and control virtually all areas of a luxury hotel including guest rooms, conference rooms and meeting rooms, swimming pool, spa, restaurants and  nightclubs.

Rooms and Suites

WITH Fibaro WE CAN PROVIDE guests a better experience in the hotel than they would in your own home. We take this experience to ensure that the customer has easy access to the services provided in the hotel such as reservations (Order services for the guest of the hotel such as appointments to the spa and fitness center, reception service, wizard of room and other services provided by external suppliers), access to menu of meals (see photos of the contents of the restaurant’s menu, choose the accompaniments of the dishes and beverages, indicate how they want their food to be prepared or verify even nutritional information), check the lighting, temperature, Sound, tv, FROM A TABLET OR SMARTPHONE , remote controls, and the keypads to control the lighting can create this experience.

Meeting Rooms

The solutions of automation and control are the most of your experience of communication in your meeting to allow the automation and control of environmental controls, such as the air conditioning system, the automation of venetian blinds, default lighting and audio and video equipment such as projectors and projection screens, DVD players, microphones, cameras, audio and PCs.

  • The content can be distributed to the board rooms from multiple sources.
  • An electronic voting system with Touch Panels can be integrated to the decision-making of the company.
  • WE OFFER solutions to manage, monitor and protect the investment of the owner of the hotel in the electronic equipment and to schedule the times of use of the meeting rooms, including SCHEDULING OF THE MAINTENANCE OF EACH SYSTEM INSTALLED.
Event Rooms

In the salons of events it is important to know manage the challenges that may occur during the development of events in the hotels, we can control and automate the lighting, air-conditioning systems, audio, microphones, cameras and other technologies in multiple areas or zones of a hall for events.

Restaurants and nightclubs

Offers the ideal experience for customers using Touch Panels to control and automate the management of distribute audio and /or video, check the air-conditioning systems and lighting in several areas in a restaurant or nightclub. In the evening or during several times through the day, track lighting or set default areas of a restaurant or nightclub as scenery areas, areas of karaoke, or entertainment areas in audio and video.

Centers for Disease Control of media

Hotels can automate and control the process of use and distribution of audio content, video and games toward the guest rooms and other areas of the hotel.

The swimming pool, spa and fitness center

We can control the distribution of audio and video signals to screens or speakers, check the CCTV systems and control the screens of information they offer to the guests with the utmost safety and entertainment by the pool in the spa, in the gym and any other place on development of activities of a hotel.

In addition we offer control and program the ambient temperature of Any place or space in the hotel in a digital way with our Touch panels and a simple way.