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Switchable smart glass and smart solutions with a constant focus on quality and reliability.

Product Description

Switchable smart glass glass is available in a wide range of formats, addressing the needs of hundreds of architects, interior designers, retailers, office equipment companies, processors and glass partition companies worldwide.

Our switchable glass is manufactured using a special process factory covering down to a non-adhesive glass, additional transparent film version of the switchable smart glass. Allowing instant privacy, keeping the light flows through and between rooms.

This process can be applied to a wide range of glass types and thicknesses. We can manufacture tempered single glazing panels with the switchable layer on one side. We laminar layer switchable between two glass panels. We can build double glazed units to your exact specifications. And we can handle specialized glasses including iron deficiency or lead glass for demanding commercial and medical environments.

Switchable glass acts as an effective thermal insulation, solar and sound too, helping to keep fresh, comfortable and quiet rooms.

Switchable glass is operated by a simple switch, to control the opacity of the film selectable clear to translucent. It can be easily integrated into automation systems as well, which gives you more control.

Switchable glass also provides benefits of thermal, solar and sound insulation, which helps keep fresh, comfortable and quiet rooms. And that eliminates the need for shutters privacy clumsy complicated.


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